Support Social Media Arts

Since 2017, a small group of volunteers have been working to establishing the first EVER professional members organization dedicated to social media arts.


ASMAS is the first organization to recognize that content creation requires a host of technical & performance skill, consistency, and hard work. Influencers are changing the course of how the world does business, including: marketing & advertising, media, and consumer decisions, all deserving of advocacy & recognition.


ASMAS is committed to providing resources, advocacy, and equitable recognition across all demographics; ensuring that social media arts continues to thrive and evolve, while challenging creators to excel in their craft. 

Be part of the journey in three ways:

Executive Partnering- ASMAS needs a Board of Trustees. Seeking industry professionals in various disciplines to lend expertise, provide feedback, bring diverse thought and ideas to ASMAS' growth, vote on awards, and more. Email here for more info.


Membership - The easiest way to help, simply subscribe to ASMAS emails and stay updated. Use the join feature at the bottom of the page, or Influencers, use the log in on the home page to create a full member account.

Contribution - Donations are tax-deductible and will help ASMAS maintain & grow its website, provide creator grants, hold seminars, host events, and support the annual Snazzy Awards.

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