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Meet CEO/Founder, Alana Tyson

Visionary, dreamer, journalist, award-winning author, and serial entrepreneur, Alana is the brains behind ASMAS®. In 2017, she had a moment while driving home from work: "Imagine if content creators could get recognized for their art?" That small idea led to the creation of the Academy of Social Media Arts & Sciences, a  professional membership org that would host its own awards, advocate for Influencers, and recognize social media as a true art.

When she's not working on growing ASMAS®, Alana's also an award-winning children's books author, winning her first literary award in 2019 for her upcoming book about the first black US Navy Seal (The Longest Swim). Her debut picture book, My Red, White, and Blue, published by Penguin & illustrated by London Ladd released Jan 17, 2023 everywhere books are sold. 

To learn more about Alana and her professional journey visit her website: or connect via social media below.

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